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TIMAZIGHIN POWER: how to be a good ally?

Conference / Coaching

  • 1 30 min
  • Fees cost on demand
  • Face-to-face or online

Description du service

The TIMAZIGHIN POWER network aims to promote Amazigh women from all backgrounds. I use personal development around empowerment and Amazigh female leadership to create a powerful network. You are not an Amazigh woman but would like to support the project? This conference will allow you to understand what the project is about. What discrimination and obstacles do Amazigh women around the world face? And how to help and contribute to their influence on your scale.

Politique d'annulation

En cas d'imprévu de votre part, le remboursement sera impossible.


(+33) 7 82 97 84 37

Kif-Kif Bledi Studio, 12 Cité Popincourt, Paris, France

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