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And you, what Timazighin dressing do you dream of?

I always dreamed of finding even one old photo of women from my little, little-known Zenet tribe in eastern Morocco. Unfortunately, or rather fortunately, if I did not find any it means that they were spared from the photographic propaganda launched during French colonization to study, classify then market the image of our ancestors by featuring them in often very uncomfortable situations.


By drawing my research from colonial photos, archives, books, testimonies, I seek to restore in the most authentic way the dressings of yesteryear, to put in the shoes of your ancestors of a century ago .

When we talk about Amazigh tribes we often think of Tassoussit ("Chleuh"), Riffians or Kabyles. However, there are hundreds of Amazigh tribes in North Africa, and I am constantly researching to discover information on as many tribes as possible.


I am equally passionate about futuristic, street visuals and female empowerment.

This is why the TIMAZIGHIN 2.0 artistic vision allows you to stay modern while paying homage to the traditional.


I work with two talented, versatile women, with Amazigh roots who will know how to enhance you and take into account the cultural, emotional and aesthetic dimension of your shoot: Syqlone and Naila Salmi Khodja .

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