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Raïssa Leï - Amazigh Artivist

TIMAZIGHIN: around lost Amazigh heritage

I am Raïssa Leï, an “artivist” of Zenet Amazigh origin from Eastern Morocco.

Welcome to my TIMAZIGHIN website!

TIMAZIGHIN means amazigh women in plural in tamazight (Amazigh language) and it is to them and us, heiresses, that this project pays tribute.

Passionate since my childhood by Amazigh dances, music, outfits, jewelry and customs, I work around the lack and loss of heritage.

Being a mother myself, I am constantly thinking about how to compensate for the lack of transmission and how to generate intergenerational interest in a different way.

What should we do when our oral culture has not been transmitted to us, or at least partially?

How can we resurrect practices that have disappeared forever?

This project allows us to reclaim our heritage and question ourselves about the notion of cultural heritage. I like to use my art and new technologies to share differently, between traditions and modernity, the quest for the past and the construction of the future.

I offer shoots for Amazigh women with dressings using jewelry and old or modernized outfits, artistic direction for artists as well as performative strolls with Amazigh women.

The project also includes the TIMAZIGHIN POWER network, which aims to connect and promote Amazigh women through empowerment and leadership.

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